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    Anthony Johnson

    Anthony Johnson has been working with Hair Simulation Company for over 2 years and is currently with clients to assure quality of hair procedure and after-care.  It is important for Anthony to incorporate alternative hair restoration into medicine to become a successful dermatologist.  Anthony currently has a bachelor’s in Biology and Chemistry so he will work his knowledge into making sure each client is able to optimize best results with the best products for after-care and hair care technique.  He also has obtained a Master’s in Public Health where hefocused and researched on various health disciplines dealing with African-Americans. Anthony has experience with Hair Simulation Company as a client so he will be able to provide additional information to those individuals interested in the procedure. He will work directly with clients to ensure they get the results expected for that enhanced appearance among Afro-American textured hair.  He will continue to work with Hair Simulation Company to provide consultation and expertise about cosmetic hair tattooing as the better alternative to hair growth and simulation appearance.